Classes Information 2023/24.

Donnybrook Soccer Academy caters for Boys and Girls from aged 2 years to 12 years.
We do not enter teams in structured leagues.

New Season 2023/24.The Academy will have Two Terms.
Term One, 2023.
September to December. (Dates TBC)
Term Two, 2024.
February to May. (Dates TBC)
Classed are 40mins in Duration.

Classes & Times.
9.30am-Mini Kickers Class. (Parent/Child)
Born Jan to Aug, 2021.
10.10am-Kickers Class. (Parent/Child)
Born 2020.
10.50am-Big Kickers Class. (Parent/Child)
Born 2019.
11.30am-Minors  Class.
Born 2018.
12.10pm-Juniors Class.
Born 2017/16.
12.50pm-Seniors Class.
Born 2015/14/13.
12.50pm-Seniors 1 Class.
Born 2012/11.

Our Kickers & Minors Classes have proved to be a great success with the emphasis on teaching Soccer and Fundamental Movement Skills through using fun games. Each child has their own ball for the duration of the class. 
The more touches of the ball they can have the more their skills will improve.

At the Academy we understand that the coaching of children under 5 year old's needs to be done in a completely different way to coaching older children.

In the Kickers classes, Parental/Guardian involvement is key to its success.
Parents/Guardians work alongside their child to help keep them engaged during the teaching element of our sessions! 
It is great fun for both Parent and Child.
Our Minor Class uses the same teaching technique but without the Parental/Guardian involvement. 

We do not play Matches in the Kickers or Minor classes.

In the Junior & Senior classes we use a more structured but still a fun, approach to teaching soccer. Children are taught the values of soccer being a team game but are also encouraged to express their individual skills as often as possible. Children are encouraged to participate as much as possible and to the best of their ability.
We play small sided matches in these classes. 

If you are interested in registering your child or require any information please contact us.

The Academy is open on Sunday mornings from Sept to May. (Class dates TBC)       
The Academy is closed for Winter break from lDec-2023 to Feb-2024. (Dates TBC)
All scheduled class dates are subject to change and are confirmed weekly on our members news page.

Opening times. 9.30am-1.30pm..